The Legal Office of JUDr. Daniela Surkošová has been, since 1991,  providing a wide scope of services in the area of legal advisory, including clients´representation in any judicial proceedings and hearings in arbitration proceeding, as well as before the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic and the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The legal office is specialized in providing of legal services mainly in the sphere of Civil, Commercial, Labour, Administrative Law and Building Law and in case of our client´s interest, prepares legal analyses. Within the corporate agenda we can provide comprehensive consultancy to any commercial companies, from their establishment, preparation for and representation at general meetings, as well as the efficient assistance within problem solving in the business environment aimed at dispute prevention and settlement by means of mediation. We represent foreign creditors in enforcement proceedings of the courts in member states of the European Union and we are successful at collecting receivables in execution proceedings in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Our lawyers are dealing with complex cases involving real property-related disputes. Our legal office provides legal assistance in the area of intellectual and industrial property.

Majority of our clients of Italian provenance has enriched our experience concerning enforcement of their interests and our readiness to elaborate the necessary documentation including contracts in Italian language.