Protection of Copyright and Patent Rights

Complex legal and commercial services in respect of copyrights, any rights similar to the copyright, including but not limited to:

  • Trading with music:
  • - Representation and administration of rights for the benefit of manufacturers of audio records before Slovak associations for protection and collection
    - Managing records ordered by clients, including hiring of orchestra (philharmonic and symphonic orchestra, A-capella, recording studio including the recording staff, music director, audio technicians)
    - Registration of original ownership title to all works prepared on the basis of co-operation between foreign clients and Slovak companies, including preparation of relevant contracts

  • Trading with music:
  • - Preparing professional contracts with film companies, TV companies
    - Managing records ordered by clients (including hiring of recording studio, artists, directors, and technicians …)

Complex legal and consulting services in respect of legal protection of intellectual property in various forms.

  • Concluding license agreements to the objects of industrial ownership and to know-how,
  • Representation in any lawsuits in cases of infringement of rights in the form of unfair competition and protection of business name
  • Preparing reports on legal protection of intellectual property in various forms (patent law, industrial design and trademark law, copyrights law, and similar laws) for foreign organisations acting in this field (UNESCO, WIPO, protection associations …)
  • Mediation of representation in proceedings before the Office for Patents and Inventions and in proceedings before Courts in the Slovak Republic